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My son never wanted to study. You could not get him to take up a book. He attended the Study Recipe seminar held at his High School and came home a different child. We never had to tell him to go study, as he would tell us he had to go study and was even giving me pointers on how to study.
Before attending the Study Recipe seminar I was constantly frustrated while studying 
large volumes of material not being able to retain my focus. But after attending Study Recipe, I can now study large volumes, retain all the information and successfully complete any examinations. Thank you Study Recipe.
Study Recipe taught me little tit bits on how to recall and remember and process what I study, and that was very helpful. … you are going to learn some valuable tools as to how to make studying and learning fun.
My grand daughter Christen Slowly, currently in High school in Canada was more focused and more confident about her studies after attending the Study Recipe Seminar.
Study Recipe gave me a way to help myself and so remove the feeling of being overwhelmed by work as I was able to manage large volumes of studies.