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  • Christopher Myers - A.Sc (Management Studies) University College of the Caribbean, Kingston, Jamaica - ".....After attending a Study Recipe © seminar in 2004, I started getting only Grade A for my courses and finished my A.Sc degree with Honors. In 2006 I started my Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies at Northern Caribbean University and was on the Deans' Honor Roll, getting straight A's for my courses. Study Recipe © taught me how to manage a heavy work schedule in Sales and still do well at my studies. I graduated from Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, Suma com-laude in 2008".
  • Neika Jackson (Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA) came to her Study Recipe © seminar with a 2.6 Grade Point Average (GPA) and finished her courses in 2008 with a 4.0 GPA of out of a maximum possible 4.0. She attributed her academic success to discovering how to study at her Study Recipe seminar.
  • Elizabeth Jackson (Nurse, Atlanta, GA, USA), who describes herself as "an older head", attended her Study Recipe © seminar in February 2008 with her daughter. Since then she has improved her job performance and is now reading more books as a result of being motivated in the Study Recipe © seminar. She plans pursuing her dream of enrolling in Paralegal studies after her upcoming retirement.
  • Kimani Kitson-Walters (Ardene High School, Kingston, Jamaica) after attending a Study Recipe © seminar in 2007, when told he had obtained 8 distinctions and one credit in the 9 subjects he sat in the CXC examinations, remarked he had to see his results in writing before he would believe them. During 2008, in Grade 12 he achieved Grade A in all his 4 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) subjects and collected an award for obtaining the 2nd highest mark in the island of Jamaica for Geography. In 2008 before completing High School he was accepted into the University of the West Indies to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in General Sciences. Both he and his parents credit the Study Recipe © seminar for his performance.
  • Stephen Moore (Campion College High School, Jamaica)"......after attending your seminar in 2005 whilst in Grade 9, Stephen went on to Grade 11 and passed all 8 CXC subjects in the 2007 examination - obtaining 5 distinctions and 3 Credits. Your Study Recipe seminar really made a difference. In 2008 he was accepted by both the Medical and Dental Faculties of the University of the West Indies at the end of Grade 12 and is currently pursuing a degree in Medicine there". (Message from Stephen's father).
  • Amoy Henry B. Sc (Natural Sciences ) University of the West Indies After her 2005 Study Recipe © seminar, Amoy passed all 6 subjects sat in the CAPE examinations, entered the University of the West Indies successfully completed 1st Year Natural Sciences & subsequently transferred to an overseas University to study Medicine on a scholarship (2006). She also received the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Excellence in 2006 from the Prime Minister of Jamaica.
  • Sabrina Watson - B.A (Spanish) University of the West Indies " ....My grades climbed to straight A's after attending the Study Recipe © seminar in 2004 and I graduated with Honors in 2006. Attending the seminar was definitely worth it for me".
  • Pauline Drummond - B. Sc (Business Administration) - University College of the Caribbean - "....Study Recipe © definitely helped me graduate with Honors in 2006. After my 2004 seminar, I shared it with my daughter currently in High School. She sat the 2005 Caribbean Exams Council (CXC) exam in English, a year early in Grade 10 and passed with distinction. Whilst in Grade 11 this year (2006), she sat and passed 8 more CXC subjects -some with distinction and also had a shot at the CAPE Communication Studies examination normally done in Grade 13 and passed with distinction......."
  • Anand Viswanath – B.S (Chemistry) – Furman University, Greenville, S.C., U.S.A. – “……..I passed all 5 of my subjects in the CAPE examinations in Grade 13- including getting distinctions in that exam. Now I am in University doing Chemistry and getting Grade A in all my courses. Study Recipe © in 2005 showed me how to reduce study and examination stresses....."
  • Matthew O’Connor – B.Sc (Natural Science) -University of the West Indies “…….After` the 2005 Study Recipe © seminar held at my High School, I passed all 5 subjects I sat in the CAPE and University of Cambridge examinations in Grade 13. I am now studying Natural Sciences at the University of the West Indies and recently was awarded a scholarship to study Medicine at an overseas University. Study Recipe © has helped me a lot with my studies and I continue to use what I learned in the seminar to handle my studies.”
  • Ali Skeet Stella Maris Preparatory School - ".......After your Study Recipe © seminar in 2006 Ali's marks turned around and she obtained an 80% average in her Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). She will be entering Grade 7 at Holy Childhood High School in September 2006.........." (Quoting Ali's Grandfather)