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  • Motivational Presentations to groups and individuals – Sunvet Consultancy can provide motivational presentations to students, incarcerated persons, company employees, workers being made redundant, farmers and many other groups needing motivation to improve overall personal performance, productivity and marketability.
  • Rapporteur - Sunvet Consultancy also provides efficient rapporteur service for meetings and conferences requiring summation and presentation of recorded material. Contact us to make arrangements.
  • Proof Reading and Typing – For different reasons submission deadlines arrive before persons have required documents in acceptable forms for submission. Sunvet Consultancy will prepare presentable documents from your draft document. Contact us to make arrangements.
  • Animal Corner – Sheep, Goat, Turkey, Broiler and Layer bird rearing can be very profitable, if done correctly. This could be an interesting and financially rewarding extracurricular activity for students who might also be studying Agriculture Science requiring practical experience. Keep visiting this site for information from Sunvet Consultancy on how to rear these and other animals for household, school, youth club and even larger scale projects.